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Searching for Custom Gaskets, Outgassing, Thermal Vacum Baking, Die Cutting, Laser Cut, Form in place Sealing and EMI /RFI Shielding?

  • Specialists in Fabrication, Assembly & Supply

    Anti-static gaskets for static sensitive equipment Non-conductive applications High temperature silicone switch pads EMI/RFI shielding for aerospace and electronic communications equipment CRT bezel gaskets for aircraft instrumentation and keyboards Frozen film for composite bonding Laminated epoxy parts Die cut polyimide film High-pressure, high-temperature gasket applications for gas turbine engines Molded and die cut Viton products Die cut parts from honeycomb, paper and metal laminates Films for structural bonding of honeycomb and metal constructions Conductive foams and sheeting materials Non-asbestos materials Flange gaskets for the pipe and refinery industries Maintenance and replacement gaskets

What We Do We have been providing exceptional, innovative products and services to both the Military and Commercial markets for the past 40 years

  • Laser Cutting Gaskets

    Laser Cut is cost effective solution for fabricating prototypes Able to cut through a wide range of materials Scoring of adhesive liners for easy removal Tight tolerances

  • Die Cutting Gaskets

    Pneumatic, Draulic Press and Steel Rule Die Cutting with the abilities to fabricate from a wide range of exotic materials. Large and small run quantities. Large volume of on-hand material means reduced lead times

  • Outgassing Thermal Vacuum Baking

    We offer Thermal Vacuum Baking Outgassing of Parts, Materials, and Assemblies for Space Applications. Extruded EMI/RFI seals and all outgassing services.

  • Form-In-Place Gaskets

    An automated method of applying a liquid gasket material directly to components.
    FIP gasket materials include EMI/RFI Shielding, RTV Shielding and Thermal Materials.


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Our Divisions

  • Flat Screen Technologies, Inc.

    Leading team of highly certified technicians specializing in flat panel repairs, combining extensive knowledge and custom-designed equipment required to service all flat panel displays.

    Flat Screen Technologies

  • Nusonics

    High-quality ultrasonic flow meters, concentration analyzers and pipeline interface detectors. Easy of Use, Accurate, Exceptional Calibration Stability

  • Fatigue Dynamics Inc

    We are the leading provider of material fatigue tests and equipment for tensile test, sheet bending and more. Material Fatigue Testing IS IMPORTANT!
    Fatigue Dynamics Inc

  • System Integrators LLC

    State of art machine shop utilizing manual, conventional & CNC technologies providing a seamless transition engineering to CAD design.

    Full Machining & Grinding Services.

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