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Die Cutting Gaskets

  • Die Cutting Steel Rule

    CGS TechnologiesThe active mechanisms in this process are the use of pneumatic and or hydraulic presses which apply a defined and measured amount of pressure to cut gaskets against a steel rule die or tooling, which are most accurately described as blades Embedded in a conditioned carrier, most commonly a one inch thick piece of OSB. This highly accurate and repeatable process yields one finished part per each cavity of a given steel rule tooling. The finished parts made by Steel Rule Dies are intensely consistent and relatively easy to fabricate. This method of fabrication is our most common Fabrication Process for many reasons, principally: accuracy, repeat-ability, consistency and the ability to hold tolerances of 0.005”.

    The most identifiable drawback from using Steel Rule Dies is the collateral consumption of material. This can be easily understood by using the Cookie Cutter metaphor whereby material surrounding the tooling, or in some cases inside the actual gasket, is consumed as waste given that the shape left in the sheet or roll of material is rendered unusable.


    Fabricate from wide range of exotic materials
    Tight Tolerances of up to +/-.0005
    Large and small run quantities
    Large volume of on-hand material means reduced lead times

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