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FIP Gaskets

  • Form-In-Place Gaskets

    smallemploeefipThe Form in Place Gasket method is designed for the dispensation of conductive or non-conductive elastomer material directly onto the substrate or plate for use in shielding applications for EMI and RFI, and for grounding and environmental applications. CGS employs three Form in Place machines in our operation which provides us the opportunity to handle small to medium sized quantity runs. The typical substrate or plate can be conductively plated metal or plastic and are used in a variety of applications from Aerospace to Medical. The advantage in using Form in Place or FIP is two-fold. First is cost savings as you no longer create material waste usually associated with traditional die cut gaskets where shielding and thermal material pricing can be quite high. Second is the ability to control tight tolerances that FIP can achieve. In applications where there are multiple cavity and wall dimensions, including variations in height and depth, FIP is a far more adaptive and precise process to make a gasket.

    Form-in-Place gasketing is the process of dispensing a wet compound that cures into a rigid gasket. The new equipment provided by Laird Technologies allows CGS to run up to 8 parts at once, depending on the part size. This allows for shorter lead times and reduced pricing to our customers.

    An automated method of applying a liquid gasket material directly to components

    FIP gasket materials include: EMI/RFI Shielding, RTV Shielding and Thermal Materials

    What is Form-in-Place (FIP)?
    Form-in-Place gaskets are intended to substitute standard gaskets and o-rings. This involves dispensing conductive or non-conductive elastomers straight onto metal or plastic substrates.

    Why Choose Form In Place (FIP) Gaskets?
    Form in place gasket material is dispensed efficiently onto complex enclosures eliminating the painstaking task of hand assembling precut or molded gaskets, saving both time and money.

    Accurate FIP placement and controlled tolerances.

    Parts may be dismantled and reassembled without affecting gasket integrity.

    Shorter lead times and significant assembly cost savings when compared to O-ring or die-cut gasket installation.

    There is significantly less material waste with FIP and greater cost savings.

    tight tolerances

    FIP gasket materials include EMI/RFI Shielding, RTV Shielding, and Thermal Materials.

    custom gasket samples for evaluation

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