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Laser Cutting and Press Brake Forming

  • Laser Cutting Gaskets

    CGS Technologies use a high powered CO2 laser inside of a controlled setting to laser cut a gasket out of a given sheet of material. This fabrication process yields finished parts that can hold extremely tight tolerances, as low as 0.003”. The laser cutting process is also an attractive fabrication process because of the nature of the laser beam itself and its ability to navigate some of the most complex designs that Steel Rule Die Cutting cannot. This ability is achieved mainly due to Steel Rule Die Cutting’s nature of pressure application against a given material which can lead to defects in the side walls of a given gasket. Laser’s use high temperature, speed, and distance from the material to fabricate a given gasket and are therefore not restricted by the limits of distances between blades on a given tooling.

    Additionally, Steel Rule Die’s require individual maintenance to ensure their continued success through repeatability, i.e. Blade Sharpening. The costs associated with lasers are primarily programming fees that can be reduced further still by the use of imported CAD files or .dxf files versus the cost accompanied by the manufacturing of the Steel Rule Dies. The main drawback to using a laser is actually predetermined by the material with which the gasket is to be fabricated. Certain materials are not conducive to Laser Cutting as they are temperature resistant or are subject to charring on the side walls as the laser beam creates its cut.


    Laser Cutting *

    • Among the largest and most advanced CO2, flatbed lasers in the country
    • Able to cut milled steel up to 3/4″, aluminum up to 1/2″, and stainless steel up to 5/8″
    • Tolerances of ±.004″
    • Operates according to “flying optics” principle for faster response
    • Ability to mark parts for easy identification
    • Common line cuts for optimization of time and materials
    • Oxide and burr free cut edges on stainless steel and aluminum alloys
    • Employ state of the art CAD/CAM design software

    Press Brake Forming *

    • Forming both thin and thick sheet metals
    • Economical and flexible method of manufacturing precise components
    • Provides bends with small radii, short flanges, and asymmetrical folds
    • High axis speeds and automation features that minimize production time and costs
    • Large bend space for a wide spectrum of production parts
    • Very high degree of angle accuracy
    • Advance CAD system for design support and engineering
    • Can do both air bending and coining

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