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Outgassing, Thermal Vacuum Baking

  • Outgassing

    outgassingDue to the ever increasing demand for low outgassing, non-contaminating materials, parts, and assemblies, CGS Technologies Inc. is proud to offer its THERMAL VACUUM SYSTEM for small or high volume jobs. Our vacuum chamber is housed in a clean work-space environment in accordance with FED-STD-209. Standard features of the vacuum baking system includes:

    CGS also employs a Vacuum Outgassing Chamber for the use of releasing a gas that was dissolved, trapped, frozen or absorbed in a given material. The process of outgassing involves the use of chamber that can be set at a specific time, a specific temperature and at a specified pressure.

    CGS’ Thermal Vacuum Baking process removes volatile condensable material (VCM) constituents from materials, parts and assemblies to meet the requirements of ASTM-E-595.

    CGS’ vacuum oven is capable of attaining and holding any desired pressure measured in torr. The pressure can range from 5 x 10 -3 torr up to 5 X 10 -10 torr. The oven can also hold the specified temperature within +/-5 degrees.

    • 29″ diameter x 45″ chamber with provisions for three shelves (17 cu. ft.)
    • Temperatures for ambient to 4000F (2040C)
    • Temperature control is within ±10F at 2000F and within ±20F at 4000F
    • Pressures from ambient to 10-8 tor (equivalent to 2000 miles altitude)
    • Standard constant temperature soak
    • Computer monitoring and recording of time, temperature, and pressure
    • Nitrogen purge prior to and upon completion of bake
    • All controllers are calibrated and traceable to NIST standards

    CGS Technologies Inc. thermal vacuum system is listed on Lockheed-Martin’s approved supplier list for vacuum baking per GD- 65-00229D (formerly General Dynamics specification)

    CGS Technologies Inc. meets the requirements of Hughes Space and Communications specifications SCGMS 12002C and SCGMS 12007C Raytheon thermal vacuum treatment specifications, and applicable NASA specifications

    CGS Technologies Inc. can provide the following services as special options:

    • Vacuum stripping of vacuum oils, vacuum greases or similar high technology materials
    • Vacuum deposition services available upon request
    • Packaging on class 100 clean bench in verified clean bags or biologically sterile bags upon demand
    • TML and VCM testing per ASTM E595 or SP-R-0022A by independent laboratory
    • Low-temperature vacuum for specific bonding of laminates to various surfaces

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